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Read Aloud Video Project

Read-Aloud Video Library (Friends of Tonga)

Friends of Tonga has created a free read-aloud video library  Students and educators can download videos of children's books as they are being read by native English speakers.  Books are accompanied with study materials for augmenting English-language learning.  The video library is free for anyone to use. When you select a book or study materials, files download automatically to your computer. The files can then be used in places without internet coverage. Please share this link with Fiji volunteers and educators.  

Friends of Tonga also welcomes additional books, readers, and materials. The website contains the read aloud guide that breaks down the process for getting permission for new books, and for creating the read alouds and corresponding materials. They will upload and add any read-alouds created by Friends of Fiji.  If you need help,  contact Arielle Stockbridge of the Friends of Fiji.

In 2021, Friends of Tonga was selected as a US Library of Congress Literacy Best Practice Honoree for read-aloud.  We thank Friends of Tonga for creating and sharing this resource.